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Multipack 4 life socks

Soft, versatile, timeless: this is a good classic pair of socks


Made of organic cotton, classic LIFE SOCKS are perfect to complete every look, with a perfect mix of style and comfort. The ribbed leg and instep fit perfectly without squeezing, while the insole, toe and heel are shaved for extra strength. Classic LIFE SOCKS are 100% made in Italy: the organic yarn is produced in the province of Brescia, while the production cycle is entirely carried out in a family-run company in the province of Treviso.

    • White, Grey, Anthracite and Brown
    • 4 units
    • Soft fit
    • Ribbed leg
    • Shaved insole, toe and heel
    • Size 1: 36-41 | Size 2: 42-46
    • 100% made in Italy

Materials: 80% organic cotton certified GOTS, OEKO-TEX, BCI, 18% polyamide 2% elastane

Care: To minimise your environmental impact -and to give your LATTE socks the long and happy life it deserves- wash by hand whenever possible, use a mild and if possible natural detergent, if you use the washing machine, use a delicate, cold programme, let it air dry, always avoid using a tumble dryer, and do not bleach!

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