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Ridoki gold

An essential Japanese beauty tool to preserve the tone and elasticity of your skin


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Renowned for facial reflexology and acupressure, Ridoki massages help firm the skin, stimulate certain important energy points and activate blood circulation.
Probably you are more closely related to the roll-on techniques but here we are to tell you that this little helper is wordly well known for its effectiveness on skin elasticity and wrinkles. 

• Boosts the collagen and elastin synthesis
• Stimulates, smoothes and firms
• Can be used in acupressure with the dedicated tip

Frequency: Daily use, in the morning and/or evening.

Application: Use 1-5 min on clean skin with a suitable serum applied beforehand. Start pumping the lymph glands for a few seconds (at the top of the neck, just below the ears and then at the level of the collarbones. Use the Ridoki smoothing it on the areas to be treated such as: crow’s feet wrinkles, folds of nasolabial folds or frown lines for example. Use it gently and if your skin is reddened, it’s completely normal! Use cryotherapy at the very end to calm the inflammation if needed. Repeat the gestures 5-10 times. Cure of 1 month daily recommended + break.

Suitable for: All faces.

Use Ridoki to improve the microcirculation of your skin and collagen renovation. I highly recommend washing it before and after using it as they’re in deep contact with your skin. If you want to work on your acne scarfs. Ridoki will effectively improve the texture of your skin.

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